30lines.info - collection of tiny projects in javascript

30 Lines of Code.

This page is a dedicated collection of 30-lines-or-less of javascript projects. You can send pull request to 30lines in order to be included in the list.

Name About Author Demo
Excel in 30 lines
of vanila js
Ondřej Žára link
Крошечная змейка habr DjComandos link
Крошечный арканоид habr linoleum link
Roguelike/RPG habr ripatti link
Гоночка habr agegorin link
Сокобан habr zabbius link
Морской бой msemsemse link
Крошечная аркада habr CherRA link
Pong habr AterCattus link
Binary Tetris gist Martin Kleppe link
Mini Tetris gist iznax link
Mini-Pede gist iznax link
TicTacToe github m0sk1t link
Tron habr Nadoedalo link
Sudoku habr NeonMercury link
Other cool stuff
Пианино (Piano) habr Андрей Озорнин link
Game of Life gist Martin Kleppe link
Tiny Raytracer blog Gabriel Gambetta link

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